Q: What are SecureAll Security Screens?
SecureAll Security Door & Window Screens are screens which are manufactured from stainless steel hardened mesh. The screens are fitted into security grade aluminum frames and are installed onto your existing door and window frames, replacing the existing screens. This burglar resistant maximum security screen will secure the door and window openings of your home or building and still allow the fresh air to flow through your home offering you maximum ventilation.
Q: Will the screens fit on my existing doors and windows?
YES – SecureAll Security Door & Window Screens are custom manufactured to fit either on the exterior or interior of your existing window and door frames.
Q: If there are no bars, how does the security mesh provide security?
SecureAll Security Door & Window Screens may appear to be traditional insect screens, but they are manufactured from high tensile marine grade stainless steel woven into a tight mesh that passes and/or exceeds international rigorous knife shear and impact testing.
Q: Can the security mesh pull out of the frames?
NO – The mesh is clamped in place by a patented tension mounted screen fastening system with a vice like grip which prevents the screen from being pulled away from the frame providing you with the ultimate security screen doors and windows.
Q: Can I escape through my windows or doors in the case of an emergency or fire?
YES – The quick escape windows feature an emergency release opener which will open the windows in seconds! The doors feature easy to open handles for quick escape.
Q: Are SecureAll Security Door & Window Screens rust and corrosion resistant?
YES – The frames are manufactured from aluminum and screen mesh is stainless steel. Both of these material do not rust or corrode.
Q: Does it protect against insects?
YES – SecureAll Security Door & Window Screen’s security mesh is tightly woven to keep out insects while allowing fresh air flow and breeze into your home.
Q: Is the product pet proof?
YES – Our security mesh will withstand your dog’s, cat’s or other pets constant clawing, chewing and scratching. You will never have to replace your screen again because of pets ripping, chewing or clawing them.
Q: Will the screen protect our home against bigger animals?
YES – Our screens are so tough they will resist entry by unwanted animals such as bears, coyotes, wolves, foxes, snakes, raccoons and other local animals. Now you can leave your cottage windows and doors open for maximum air flow without the concern that these dangerous animals will enter your home.
Q: Can you see through it?
YES – SecureAll security mesh provides clear visibility outwards, while allowing a measure of privacy looking inward. It also blocks 60% of harmful UV rays.
Q: Is there a warranty?
YES – SecureAll Security Door & Window Screens feature a 10 year warranty on all frames and mesh. All hardware comes with a 1 year warranty.


What our customers are saying

I don’t just “Like” SecureAll, I LOVE SecureAll! They installed one of their new “Screens of Steel” doors on my house last summer and it rocks! Its a full length screen door that is so tough you couldn’t;t get into it with an axe. Yet it looks very elegant and modern. The near-bulletproof screen and amazing lock system allows me to keep my main door open and let the cool air and light come in the house during the summer. Its a onderful way to cool down the house while I’m sleeping and not have to run the AC 24/7. I also have a beautiful floor to ceiling glass insert for the winter. No ugly divider or bars. A bonus I never expected was that the screen acts almost like “one way glass”… I can see out, but people can’t see in. Great privacy feature. And having had my house broken into in the past always had a quesy feeling when I would leave my house in the morning and especially if I was going to be gone for the weekend or away on vacation. My house feels “Fort Knox” safe now and my worry level has dropped to zero. I’m building a new garage in the spring and SecureAll is going to be doing my doors, windows and security system. Do yourself a favor and make Stan and the guys your “Head of Security
Wayne Yaskew