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What our customers are saying

I don’t just “Like” SecureAll, I LOVE SecureAll! They installed one of their new “Screens of Steel” doors on my house last summer and it rocks! Its a full length screen door that is so tough you couldn’t;t get into it with an axe. Yet it looks very elegant and modern. The near-bulletproof screen and amazing lock system allows me to keep my main door open and let the cool air and light come in the house during the summer. Its a onderful way to cool down the house while I’m sleeping and not have to run the AC 24/7. I also have a beautiful floor to ceiling glass insert for the winter. No ugly divider or bars. A bonus I never expected was that the screen acts almost like “one way glass”… I can see out, but people can’t see in. Great privacy feature. And having had my house broken into in the past always had a quesy feeling when I would leave my house in the morning and especially if I was going to be gone for the weekend or away on vacation. My house feels “Fort Knox” safe now and my worry level has dropped to zero. I’m building a new garage in the spring and SecureAll is going to be doing my doors, windows and security system. Do yourself a favor and make Stan and the guys your “Head of Security
Wayne Yaskew